We are a boutique advanced analytics company.

At the heart of our solutions, there is market leading technology and a genuine interest in our clients' success.

Revenue Forecasting

We perform simulations of financial scenarios and forecast trends to improve our clients’ financial performance and profitability.


X-WIND leverages advanced analytics to support clients' decision-making and strategy to sharpen tomorrow’s business goals.

Resource Planning

We dissect the individual components of our clients' business to understand how to allocate budget, time and people to the areas most needed. The correct alignment of resources and investments is critical in maximising return on investment and maintaining a healthy cash flow.

Inventory Optimisation

We help our clients manage inventory levels to meet predetermined service levels. This way, they minimise the amount of working capital that's unproductively tied up in inventory.

Truck and Warehouse

Customised Solutions

We work with our clients, using the most accurate data, to identify future risks and opportunities and to create customised solutions with actionable recommendations. 

Sales Performance

We analyse client data to unlock commercially relevant insights in order to forecast future sales performance, improve sales strategies and sales outcome. Clients benefit from deep market awareness regarding trends and potential to find new markets and areas for future development and bring products and services to market quickly and efficiently.